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  People reported Wednesday morning that Kimye's surrogate is pregnant. While that gives the couple plenty to celebrate, it also means a sizable paycheck for the woman who will carry their third child.

  Here's the breakdown of how much a surrogate such as Kardashian's is likely to be paid, according to Teo Martinez, CEO and partner of Growing Generations, a Los Angeles-based surrogacy agency that counts multiple celebrity couples among its clients. (While Martinez declined to name names to Fortune, the agency has reportedly served Neil Patrick Harris and his partner David Burtka. Harris told ABC back in 2010: "I can tell you that Growing Generations is great … they helped me have three kids!")


  Before a surrogate becomes pregnant, she has to go through a series of health screenings, as well as a lengthy legal process to ensure that there will be no contest as to the parental rights to the child after he or she is born. She is paid for the time and effort.

  Estimated cost: $3,000

  During pregnancy

  Surrogates are typically paid every four weeks, with monthly payments ranging between $2,000 and $3,000.

  Estimated cost (for 40 weeks): $80,000 - $120,000


  About two weeks after the birth of the child, the surrogate receives a lump sum equal to about a third of her total compensation. In other words, if she received $120,000 during the course of the pregnancy, she would get a lump sum payment of roughly $60,000.

  Estimated cost: $40,000 - 60,000

  The higher end of the range is for surrogates who have been through the process before—they are in greater demand as they've shown both their physical ability to deliver healthy children and their emotional stability, Martinez explains.

  Expenses and extras

  There are, of course, plenty of potential expenses, particularly for "VIP clients," as Martinez calls them. The most common request is that the surrogate live and the child be born in L.A. If the surrogate is not local (only 40% of Growing Generations' surrogates are), the client is expected to pay for all relocation and living expenses. Other possible add-ons include multiple births ($5,000 per extra child) and Caesarian section ($2,500).

  Just because the surrogate is carrying a celebrity child does not mean she gets a celebrity "bonus," Martinez says. "We don't necessarily believe in compensation to add secrecy," he explains; all surrogates sign confidentiality agreements.

  A plausible grand total—assuming the Kardashians go with an experienced surrogate based in L.A. and everything else goes smoothly—is about $180,000.

  People reported back in June that Kardashian, already a mom of two, decided not to carry her third child due to her struggles with a dangerous condition called placenta accreta during her previous pregnancies.

  The couple is not the first celebrity duo to hire an outsider to help complete their family; musician Elton John, actress Sarah Jessica Parker, and late night host Jimmy Fallon have openly discussed the process.


  按照Growing Generations的首席执行官和合伙人泰奥·马丁内斯的分析,这里列出了卡戴珊的代孕者可能获得的收入。这是一家位于洛杉矶的代孕机构,其客户包括许多名流夫妻。(尽管马丁内斯拒绝向《财富》透露这些客户的姓名,但据报道,尼尔·帕特里克·哈里斯和大卫·伯卡夫妻曾接受过他们的服务。2010年,哈里斯曾对美国广播公司表示:“我可以告诉你,Growing Generations太棒了,他们让我有了三个孩子。”)












  当然,还有许多潜在支出,尤其是 对马丁内斯所说的“VIP客户”而言。最常见的要求是代孕者须居住在洛杉矶,孩子也要生在洛杉矶。如果代孕者不是本地人(Growing Generations只有40%的代孕者是),客户还得承担代孕者全部的重新安置费和生活费。其他的附加服务包括多胞胎(额外的孩子每个5,000美元)和剖腹产(2,500美元)。






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